Brand Design

How to go about creating a successful Brand Design for your venture

One of the key elements to succeed is to stand out from the rest. But that’s easier said than done. With hundreds and thousands of stimuli vying for consumer’s attention and the shrinking attention span, it needs a highly focussed and consistent approach of which the most important visual component is Brand Design.

What is Brand Design

Brand Design is akin to the face of a company. It is the visible part of your company that your customer will often interact with. It kind of assumes your company’s identity interacting with people while they are on the roads, surfing the internet, using social media, reading newspapers, flipping through magazines, watching television or enjoying OTT. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a brand identity that is exclusive, appealing and something your customers can relate to.

Why do you need to Design your Brand?

It’s like shopping for clothes—while you need one that properly fits you and makes you look good but at the same time also speaks for you. That’s why Brand Design needs a professional hand. Someone who is experienced enough to understand your expectations and convert them into a design, keeping in mind the competition, the current preferences, industry standards as well as appropriate colour combinations along with typography that will stand out on various media.

Adaptation of your Brand

One thing that distinguishes a thorough professional from the me-too-designers is adaptation. A colour, typography, a pattern many, a design may look extremely appealing but is it versatile enough? Can it be adapted to an extremely small medium like visiting cards to larger-than-life hoardings? Will it lose its impact when printed in black and white? Can the colour be recognised from a distance? Or will it stand out or blend in when compared with the others? Hundreds of such questions go into the head of a designer when he is coming up with a Brand Design, and a person who is trained and experienced enough will come up with options that will adapt well to a wide variety of media.

Evaluate your Designs and take Client Feedback

Once the agency has delivered the first version of your venture’s Brand Design to you it is time for evaluation. At this juncture, it is prudent to set aside your preferences and take feedback from your colleagues and a few select clients. If possible, take a few test runs and wait for the response. Once you get them discuss with your designer how they can be incorporated or how the design can be modified. Take time. Don’t rush. After all, Brand Design is the face of your venture and you cannot afford to change it often.

Once you finally approve the design the agency to provide you not just the original files along with a brand identity kit specifying the technical details like colour combination, fonts used, font size, etc. Also, remember to ask for a few on-screen adaptations on various media.

Now that your Brand Design is ready go out, spread the word around and conquer your market.

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