Studio 360’s Celebrity Endorsements in Advertising

Celebrity endorsements are a marketing approach by brands that promote a product or service through many celebrities. Brands casting stars in their endorsements have a distinct impact on the patrons owing to several factors. Every celebrity brings the other audience type as its fan base and reaches them; brands push for celebrity endorsements.

Conception and today’s endorsements-
In India, this kind of marketing strategy commenced with LUX, where the brand showcased Bollywood actresses in their endorsements to influence a larger audience. LUX placed itself as the ‘beauty soap of the stars’, and it has been so powerful that the brand maintains to sustain that concept. Print ads with their pretty faces, short copy explaining the impact of Lux and celebrity’s beauty and their relation were begun and printed over the nation.

Such advertisements strongly offer a sense of pride to consumers as they feel they obtained the status quo when they purchased a product backed by a star. Various brands develop such types or endorsements, which help them stand more comprehensive audience & it is the most common way of selling the product.

How does a brand introduce-
It gets more comfortable for the customer to relate to a brand, create confidence, and communicate when it is synonymous with a well-known face. New products or services can take longer to grow in this highly aggressive market. In contrast, the unveiling of a celebrity brand sets the tone for safety and confidence. It also encourages and strengthens a company’s authenticity, letting it to have a more significant effect. Endorsements of celebrities often last to register the commodity in people’s minds for a more extended period.

Competing Celebs vs Non-Celebs Endorsements
Celebrity vs non-celebrity endorsements show a great deal of variation in their impressions, reach and success. Often the viewer prefers to miss simple advertising; however, the ads with their celebrities in them draw interest. It attracts the audience’s eyes and engages them for a prolonged period as their favourites surface on the television. Not all non-famous endorsements struggle to impact; others make a substantial impact with their clutter-breaking campaigns, others appeal for openings. However, an endorsement by celebrity casting is an assurance of more traction and dedication than celebrity vs non-celebrity endorsement.

Result-oriented perspectives
Celebrity endorsements are expensive, but they are potent for giving better results than other kinds of endorsements. The ad expenditure goes higher when signing celebrities and promoting on a more prominent platform/channel. Celebrities usually charge less when it comes to advertising for govt. As it is a public initiative and choose to set higher for personal ads.

Celeb Endorsements at Studio 360-
At STUDIO-360, one of the demanding advertising agencies in Delhi/NCR, we have been successful in doing some result in producing celebrity campaigns for our clients. One of our celebrity campaigns highlights our work for – Spectrum Metro (Real Estate). The campaign featured Bollywood celebrity, Malaika Arora. We also crafted a series of 5 YouTube commercials for client Saya Homes that helped a client reach a larger audience. Both the campaigns received an overwhelming response and helped the clients skyrocket their sales after the launch. At Studio360, our team analyzes the needful for any given brand, ideates, crafts a strategy around it and then presents the best possible routes for any advertisement. This process helps our client choose the best and grow better.

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